Zen Metayka

On-Premise Recruiter

Location: Spokane


Zen is an On-Premise Recruiter with Atlas Staffing. He is responsible for sourcing, interviewing, and coordinating starts for Atlas Staffing clients. Zen enjoys working at Atlas because of the team environment and collaboration. He appreciates that people are always trying to set each other up for success.


Skilled at organization, streamlining, and efficiency, Zen is able to connect dots that may seem abstract or unrelated to others. He is able to relate to people from all different backgrounds and walks of life and gain their trust. He looks forward to helping Atlas Staffing discover any inefficiencies in their processes and streamlining and simplifying them to create better results and improve client relationships.


Zen has a background in operations and management and a degree in design from San Jose State. He owned his own company for 5 years and has also worked at Google. He spent the bulk of his career as a Senior Manager at FedEx where he was Employee of the Year for two different districts.


Get To Know Zen


When you were 5 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

A baseball player or mechanic. 


What was your first job? 



What’s your favorite piece of technology of all time? 

The automobile. 


If you could pick one celebrity or historical figure to have lunch with, who would it be? 

Anthony Bourdain. 


What’s your favorite quote? 

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. 


What’s your spirit animal and why? 

Grizzly bear. I had way too close of an encounter with one who wanted to kill me. When faced with the immediacy of your own mortality, your mind tends to form some sort of connection. 


What’s your nickname and how’d you get it? 

Zen. My full name is always mispronounced, so Zen just works better for everyone. 


What’s a fun fact nobody would’ve guessed about you? 

I worked at Superbowl 50. 


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