Life is busy. Work is vital, so how do we simplify this balancing act? Easy. Download the Atlas Career Connection app. You can keep track of your jobs, upcoming contracts, schedules, and more, all from the ease of your smartphone. Whether you need to find a new position or submit your timecard, the app allows you to make those decisions with ease. Here’s how.


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Atlas Career Connection

Job Opportunities

The job market is brimming full of options, but what’s out there that fits your skills and interests? This app lets you know.

  • Browse current positions
  • Mark the jobs you’re interested in
  • See what offers you receive


Time Entry

Logging your hours is crucial to getting your paycheck, but instead of having to send a weekly email or log into a portal, you can type in those hours through the app and go on with your day.

  • Easily enter your hours
  • Keep track of your worked time
  • Review hour history


Calendar Details

Schedules and shifts, along with your already busy life, can get chaotic. But instead of your wires getting crossed about what the next few weeks will look like, keep it all straight with the app calendar.

  • Keep yourself organized
  • Mark your hours on your calendar so you stay on top of your schedule
  • Block off days you are unavailable

Have more questions? We have the answers! Take a look at the FAQs below to learn more about the app.

Atlas Career Connection (ACC) FAQs for Staffing Associates


Downloading the ACC App

Why am I receiving a message to download an app?

The ACC app allows Atlas Staffing to communicate with you about openings, new job information, schedule reminders, and many other helpful features.

What if I don’t want to download the app?

That’s perfectly fine. However, new and current job notifications will be sent out in the app. By not having the app downloaded, you may be missing out on new opportunities and communications from your recruiter.

Updating Your Profile

Can I update my email and phone number in my profile?

Yes, click on profile, and then edit in the far-right corner.

Is there a limit to how many skills I can select in the skills section of my profile?

You can’t actually change the skills attached to your profile. Feel free to browse the list of skills and contact your recruiter if you believe there are any missing skills.

If I update any of my contact info through the app, will my recruiter know these changes, or do I still need to notify them?

  • Your recruiter will be notified of the changes. However, it never hurts to send them a quick message to let them know of the changes.
  • You will only be able to update your phone and email address. If you have any other information that you need updated like direct deposit, address, taxes, etc. – please reach out to your recruiter.

What if I forgot my password and or username?

We have you covered! On the app login screen you have two options:

Forgot Password: Select this option and you’ll be prompted to enter your username. A new password will be sent to your email on file.

Forgot Username: Select this option and you’ll be prompted to enter your cell phone number on file.

If these methods are unsuccessful, please reach out to your recruiter for help.

Jobs in ACC

What opportunities get put into my “feed”?

You’ll see opportunities in your feed that best match your skillset, desired work shifts, and pay rate.

Can I browse job openings through the app?

Yes! Once you are logged into the app, navigate to the home screen, and select the ‘Job Board’. This will take you to our full job board to browse available jobs that spark your interest.

What’s the difference between available and submitted in the interested opportunity section?

‘Available’ means this is a new opportunity available for you to review and determine if you are interested.

‘Submitted’ means this is an opportunity that you have previously reviewed and either marked interested or not interested. Sometimes these opportunities will move over to your ‘Work’ tab. If they do not convert to a job, you’ll see different opportunities you’ve been matched you in this list.

Do schedules get added to my calendar automatically or do I have to add them manually?

If you have allowed the app access to your personal calendar, then your schedule will be automatically added. Otherwise, you’ll need to either add your schedule manually or update your app permissions to allow access to your calendar.

What is the list section on the calendar for?

Simply to provide you with a different way to see your work schedule.

What’s the difference between the three icons in the right top corner of the opportunities section?

‘Alarm Clock’: This allows you to mark your personal availability. If you are unable to accept an offer of employment or will be out of town you can update your availability. If you have marked your availability as ‘Unavailable,’ you will not receive any notifications until you mark yourself as ‘Available’ for work.

3 Lines: Allows you to filter and sort your available opportunities in the method that best fit you.

Person: This will navigate to your profile. You’ll be able to see your name, address, contact information and a few details from your account.

You’ll be able to update the distance you are willing to travel for work, cell phone number, or email address. If you see any other changes that are needed, please contact your recruiter.

Gear: Here you’ll find your settings. You can update your preferred contact method, update any reminders and allowing the app to access your personal calendar.

How often do jobs get updated?

Jobs are updated in real time as they are received by our branch offices.

Creating Timecards in ACC

What if I make a mistake with my time entry?

  • No problem – if your timecard has not been reviewed by your supervisor, you can withdraw it, make the necessary edits, and re-submit it.
  • If your timecard has already been revied by your supervisor, reach out to your ERC. They’ll be able to help you make any changes as needed.

Can I complete part of my time in ACC and finish it on the web portal?

Yes, you can use both ACC and the web portal to complete any part of your timecard. However, if you use the web portal, you will be required to create an account and find your placement to access your timecard.

How do I sign up for notifications in Time & Expense?

  • You can receive text or email notifications when certain actions are taken with your timecard. These are NOT push notifications via ACC.
  • Do the following: open ACC > navigate to ‘Time Entry’ > click on the three lines in the upper right > select ‘My Profile’. Within this screen you can update notifications.

Do I need to create an account to complete my first timecard?

If you are using ACC to complete your timecard, you will not need to create an account. Simply open the ACC app, navigate to ‘Home,’ click on ‘Time Entry,’ and finally select the work week of the timecard you wish to complete.

If I open the wrong timecard, how do I get back to list of work weeks?

You can either:

    • Click the ‘X’ in the upper left corner and complete close the window. Then reopen the window to the list of work weeks.
    • Click on the 3 lines in the upper right and select ‘Dashboard’ – this will bring you back to the list of work weeks.

General Questions:

How do I change my notification settings?

Click the settings gear on the far right, and you can adjust how you want to be contacted and set the location access of the app.

Will I get logged off the app if I’m inactive for a few days?

No, you should not be logged off the app due to inactivity.

If you talk to your recruiter and update your email address, you will be logged off and need to log back in.

If you update your email within the app, you will not need to log back in.

If I leave a review, will it be posted anonymously?

No – Any reviews left will have the review writer’s name attached. However, the review stays within Atlas Staffing and does NOT get posted on a public webpage.

What is the “I’m available” toggle?

If you turn off your work availability, you will stop receiving notifications about possible job openings.

If you turn work availability back on, you will receive job notifications again.

Where can I get access to my paystubs?

Currently paystubs will not be available to view in the app. Paystubs will be emailed to you weekly no later than 5pm PST each Thursday.

If this changes, you’ll receive communication from Atlas Staffing.

What if I forgot my recruiter’s name – can I find that in the app?

Yes – if you navigate to your profile within the app, you’ll find your recruiter’s name.

Will I have access to my W2 in the app?

Unfortunately, W2s will not be available in the app.

How do I request to use my paid sick time if I work in AZ, OR, or WA state?

Please contact your recruiter and ask for a form to enter in the days you are requesting to use as paid sick time. Once your recruiter sends you the electronic form, you may complete the form within ACC by clicking on ‘Forms’ and following the prompts from there.

If you need to know how long you’ve been working with Atlas Staffing, you can either:

Contact your recruiter and ask.

Navigate to ‘Work’ in ACC and use the calendar to find the earliest date with a placement.

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