Frequently Asked Questions


How do I fill out my W-4?

If you are filling out your W-4 and you’re unsure how to complete certain sections, you can follow along with this step-by-step guide. All of the numbers on your W-4 can be changed or adjusted at any point in the future if needed.

How do I estimate my tax withholdings?

To ensure you have the right amount of tax withheld from your paycheck, you can use this IRS tax withholding estimator. These IRS videos in English and Spanish might also be helpful.

What is the Washington Cares Fund, and how does that impact me?

Starting on January 1, 2022, the state of Washington is issuing a new payroll tax for all individuals working within the state. The Washington Cares Fund is a mandatory tax taken during payroll. You’ll see a new tax line on your paystub showing the tax amount you have contributed to this new fund. This tax will be 0.58% of your total earnings. That means for each $100 you earn, $0.58 will be taxed.


You can visit this link to learn more about this program: or 

I’m filling out my I-9 form. What documents are acceptable for Section 2?

I need access to the Worker’s Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). What is the login information?

Arizona residents, click here.

Idaho residents, click here.

Oregon residents, click here.

Washington residents, click here.

The WOTC confirmation code will appear in the middle of the screen as a pop up.

What is the Oregon Earned Income Tax Credit and am I eligible?

For details and to see if you qualify for the tax credit of up to $6,728, please click here to visit the state’s website.

How do I enroll in Essential StaffCARE benefits through Atlas Staffing?

To enroll in health coverage, follow this link for details on your plan options, network information, and ACA compliance.


You can also view the Atlas benefits guide here.

I don’t have a bank account and need to be paid by Wisely Card. What routing and account number should I use?

Please use the routing number 073972181 and enter all zeros (0) in the account number section of the direct deposit form.

I have an orientation and/or pre-employment drug screen. Where is your office located?

Atlas Staffing has four office locations. Follow the links for more details.

Boise, ID

Phoenix, AZ

Spokane, WA

Tigard, OR

Yakima, WA

I am not near a branch location. Where do I go for a pre-employment drug screen?

Please contact us for alternative options.

I was told that Atlas Staffing isn’t able to work with me at this time. What other options do I have?

While we try to place everyone who applies with Atlas Staffing there are times when we do not have an opening that matches the skillset or work history for every applicant. In these cases, your local Department of Labor is a great resource to help you navigate your next steps.

Washington WorkSource

Idaho Department of Labor

WorkSource Oregon

I have COVID-19 symptoms/ I was exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case. What should I do?

Please call your recruiter immediately and do not report to work. The safety of our employees is incredibly important to us. Your recruiter will walk you through the next steps.

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