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  • Why It’s Better to Find a Job Today (Before the Booming Market Goes Away)

    05/03/22 | Candidates

    While the pandemic caused a significant shift in the workforce by furloughing or eliminating positions, the speedy creation of new jobs put the country back on track to...


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  • Why You Should Consider a Move to Phoenix

    03/29/22 | Candidates

    You have a background (or interest) in manufacturing, and you’re ready for a new chapter. Should you limit your search to your current home town or should you branch...


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  • 2021 In Review: Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New

    01/05/22 | Candidates | Employers

    As we wrap up 2021 and before we jump into plans for 2022, we wanted to pause for a moment to celebrate a few of our favorite highlights from the year, or as some would...


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  • Atlas Staffing Looks to the Future, Launches Redesigned Website

    03/11/21 | Candidates | Employers

    SPOKANE, WA – Atlas Staffing, a leading staffing agency in the Pacific Northwest, is excited to announce the launch of their new and improved website. Featuring a bold...


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  • How to Prepare for and Ace Your Next Remote Job Interview

    01/21/21 | Candidates

    In normal times, preparing for a job interview can be a stressful process. From the planning and research to practicing and interviewing, there’s a lot that goes into...


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  • Re-Engaging After a Job Setback: How to Change Career Challenges into Opportunities

    11/17/20 | Candidates

    Research has shown that early-career setbacks can actually result in a stronger career in the long term. People who dealt with challenges became better versions of...


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  • How to Resign from a Job Gracefully and with Tact

    10/28/19 | Candidates

    So, you’ve been looking at new and exciting employment opportunities and were offered a position at a welcoming company. Congratulations! But as eager as you are to...


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  • What Makes a Good Resume

    08/12/19 | Candidates

    A resume is something everyone needs, and yet so many of us struggle with making one (and keeping it current). Having a great resume will help you stand out from the...


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  • How to Politely Decline a Job Interview You No Longer Want

    08/05/19 | Candidates

    When you are looking for a job, landing an interview is a great accomplishment. It is a major step in the process, and it serves as validation that you are qualified for...


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  • I’m the One Being Interviewed, Why Should I Ask Questions?

    07/15/19 | Candidates

    If you are like many applicants, you may have never wondered about what questions to ask in a job interview. After all, isn’t the interviewer the one who is supposed...


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  • Craig Wilson
    Craig Wilson
    Hailey was friendly, patient and professional. I really appreciated her being so attentive. She made what I thought was going to be stressful experience a breeze. Thank you Hailey!
    Eli Olmos
    Eli Olmos
    He was great, what I'd expect from a hiring agency he asked about my needs and wants and found available jobs that fit mine and my employers description rather quickly if I might add and got back to me later that day saying I'm starting on Monday overall very satisfied I couldn't have asked for a much better experience
    Jessie Dwell
    Jessie Dwell
    "She is awesome and very accommodative and cheerful."
    Nicholas Honkus
    Nicholas Honkus
    Tatiyana was kind and extremely helpful. I had been getting a little discouraged and overwhelmed looking for a new job. Tatiyana was able to not only talk about some great opportunities in the area with me, but also take out a lot of the stress and anxiety in finding a new job! She deserves a raise!
    Shelby Kope
    Shelby Kope
    Brett was prompt and had effective communication skills. Thanks again.
    Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson
    "Tatiyana was extremely professional and did an excellent job communicating and explaining the job description. I was impressed."

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