Why It’s Better to Find a Job Today (Before the Booming Market Goes Away)

05 / 03 / 22 | Candidates

While the pandemic caused a significant shift in the workforce by furloughing or eliminating positions, the speedy creation of new jobs put the country back on track to pre-pandemic levels by June. If you have pressed pause on this chapter in your life (or even hopped around from role to role), there is no better time to both reenter and remain in the workforce. By finding a job today, this is your chance to get ahead.

You may think that sounds easier said than done, and we can understand that. Major life decisions can be intimidating, and job searching brings with it a myriad of questions and options to consider. To simply name a few, you want to:

  • Find the right place for your skills
  • Receive good compensation and benefits
  • Gain the right work-life balance

With these priorities (and others), why should you commit to finding a job today? Here are three reasons.


1. Opportunities May Be Open to You that Have Never Been So Before


The job market could quickly soften as economic conditions change and automation in jobs expands. In short, the market may not always be so candidate centric. But while the odds are in your favor, take advantage of this momentum.

The roadblock of requirements that once kept you from embarking into your dream position or industry may be dissipating for the time being. Instead of needing five to ten years of experience to start, a company may only require two (or possible none at all!) As one report finds, 20% of employers are reducing the skilled requirements for positions, and 41% are offering training and mentoring from day one of a new position.

Again, the key is to act now while the market favors job seekers. Take the time to create a strategy (but not too long). Do some research on the types of roles you are looking for and the companies you would like to work for. Ask yourself big picture questions, reach out to recruiters, build your network, and then take the shot!

And it goes without saying, don’t just halfheartedly put your name in the hat. Even if companies are facing labor shortages, put your best foot forward in your applications, interviews, and every angle of communication. Show them why you will be a valuable addition to the team – your work hard, skills, and abilities will make a difference in their company.


2. Entry-level jobs are a great foundation


Being the newbie on a team or even in an industry can cause some initial anxiety. Is it worth it to start somewhere brand new, where you are learning new skills and building your reputation from the ground up? While intimidating at first, this step is a worthwhile investment.

For example, many in manufacturing are remaking multi-pronged strategies for the forward progress of their organizations. This forward momentum of automations and ideas bring with it updated processes and new job titles. If you invest in the right company today, your long-term trajectory could be bright! Build confidence in your skills by progressively learning and taking on new challenges.

Spend some time looking into what jobs are in demand and appear to have integral and irreplaceable spots in an organization. Studies show that the jobs and industries expected to experience the greatest growth increase are transportation, warehousing, construction, technology, healthcare, and professional services. Positions in these sectors will adapt and proceed at the same demand for the foreseeable future, and if you can position yourself well in those areas today, even from an entry-level position, you are setting yourself up for success.


3. Stick with a job to gain tangible and credible experience


While some people can be a little slow to pull the trigger when it comes to finding or changing jobs, there’s an opposite reaction that can also dampen your career goals: job hopping. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side – oftentimes the side that is greener is only that way because it has been watered.  

This is not to imply you must stick with one job the rest of your life. But you cut yourself off from a depth of knowledge and understanding that only comes with time. Some sources recommend a minimum of 18 months in any role, while three to five years is considered ideal. Do your due diligence and find a place where you can grow and gain experience. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by bouncing around with jobs.

Taking advantage of current opportunities, being open to entry-level roles, and gaining experience are all viable reasons why finding a job today is relevant and important to you. And you never know, your next role may be your best chapter yet.


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