The 8 Most Important Soft Skills to Put on Your Resume

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Every job-seeker knows that it’s important for a resume to include a solid list of skills. A great resume will showcase an applicant’s talents and competencies, but did you know that these are not limited to specific, vocational skills?

For instance, if you work in the tech industry, you may think that you only need specific computer skills that pertain to the job for which you are applying. However, it’s not that simple.

Employers need to know that you also have the interpersonal skills to be a valuable asset to their company. These skills are commonly referred to “soft skills.”

Soft skills are innate and difficult to teach, and they have more to do with your ability to excel in any role than your knowledge of Microsoft Office. No matter what field you’re in, people want to hire employees who are confident, pleasant to work with, and who go above and beyond rather than just producing the bare minimum.

The Top 8 Soft Skills to Include in Your Resume

It’s easy to forget about these skills and write them off as basic personality traits, but the fact is, you worked hard to improve your soft skills. It only makes sense to treat them that way.

If you’re ready to make the most out of the strengths you already have, here are the best soft skills to include on your resume.

1. Collaboration

Nobody wants a coworker who refuses to collaborate. By adding this soft skill to your resume, you indicate that you are open to different ideas and points of view. It implies an eagerness to learn from your coworkers and provide insight both inside and out of a conference room. Even if you’re applying for a management role, sharing your ability to collaborate shows that you are accepting of feedback and willing to engage with your team.

2. Independence

Just as an employer would be excited to hire someone who will work well with others, they would be hesitant to accept an applicant who can’t work on their own. It’s important to ask questions and be present, but it should be clear that when it comes to working solo, you do not require constant guidance. Don’t worry about independence being mistaken for unfriendliness. You aren’t saying that you will only work alone, but that you can do so without issue. Another term for this skill is “self-starter.” You could also use “initiative” to express your ability to self-motivate.

3. Trainability

Every job presents different challenges and procedures no matter where you go. If you are trainable and receptive to change, you will have a smooth transition into a new role. Emphasizing this skill shows employers that you are not completely set in your ways, and that you are interested in learning how their company operates. When an employee has this skill, it takes the pressure off of the person who is training them.

4. Problem-solving

You may be able to create a spreadsheet, but what do you do when things at work don’t go as planned? Problems happen all the time, and you want to establish yourself as someone who can approach issues calmly and effectively. If you can solve problems, it is likely that you can also adapt well to change, which alone is another great soft skill. Problem-solving can also be listed as critical thinking, and the best skill to write on your resume is one that you are very comfortable defending. An interviewer may ask you about a time you effectively solved a problem at another job, so be sure to come up with an example or two.

5. Communication

This one may seem obvious, but don’t let that prevent you from including it on your resume. If you have the ability to get your point across in a clear and concise way, you may be ahead of the curve when it comes to interacting with a potential employer. A great communicator is not only excellent at explaining their own ideas but is a patient listener as well, which is crucial for success at any job. This is a good soft skill to put on a resume because it is one of the few that can be clearly demonstrated during an interview.

6. Organization

Organization doesn’t just mean keeping things tidy. This soft skill actually encompasses a few different positive skills, such as time-management and an ability to meet deadlines. If your schedule and workspace are organized, you are naturally much more likely to deliver satisfactory results in a timely manner. Expressing to a potential employer that you are organized indicates to them that you are also dependable.

7. Creativity

A creative mind is valuable in any industry. There’s no reason to exclude creativity just because you are applying for a job that would not typically be considered creative in nature. If anything, a more technical field will see someone who describes themselves as creative as a welcome change of pace. A creative person can think outside the box and provide a different kind of insight that others may not see at first. Of course, if you’re applying to work in a creative industry like design, listing this soft skill on your resume to reiterate your interest couldn’t hurt.

8. Self-Awareness

Have you ever been asked about your greatest strength? What about your most challenging weakness? A self-aware person has confident answers to both of these questions. If you have this skill, you are acutely aware of your talents and you work to improve your shortcomings, which is a very impressive quality that can take a lot of introspection to develop. By including it on your resume, you indicate that you have a strong sense of how you can make a professional role your own.

Using Your Soft Skills

There are plenty of opportunities available to you when you capitalize on your soft skills. It is important to be aware of what you do well not just professionally, but personally. A qualified job placement agency can help you find a job that is compatible with your experience, interests, and skills.

If you’re based in Boise, Idaho; or Spokane or Yakima, Washington and you’re looking for a way to put your new resume to work, contact Atlas Staffing to find your perfect job today.


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