Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Employment Agency or Recruiter

02 / 20 / 18 | Candidates

Finding employment isn’t easy.

You need to know who’s hiring, what the job entails, how much it pays, and if it includes benefits.

You know what you want, and you know what you don’t want.

So, how can you find the right job for you?

If only you could walk into an office, tell them exactly what you want, and have them find the perfect job for you.

That’s exactly what employment agencies do: they take the headache out of job hunting.

But not all agencies are equal – they all work a little differently.

Here’s how to find a job placement agency that is right for your needs.

What Do Employment Agencies Do?

If you’ve spent weeks job hunting with no luck, it might be time to reach out for some help.
Finding a job isn’t easy – lots of “good” jobs aren’t shared publicly. Instead, they use recruiting agencies.


These employers know what they want. It’s easier to use an agency to put them in touch with the best people for the job.

If you’ve never used a temp agency or employment agency before, it’s difficult to know where and how to begin.

Do you have to pay a fee? Will they find you a permanent job? Do quality employers use these agencies?

4 Types of Job Agencies – Pros and Cons

Each type of agency is unique: they all serve different purposes.

As a result, there are pros and cons to each one.

A nurse wouldn’t necessarily want to use the same recruiting agency as a software engineer – it depends.

It’s hard to explain exactly what a job agency does without explaining the differences between them.

Temp Agencies

As the name implies, temp agencies are for temporary positions. This could include seasonal work or temporary jobs in a variety of industries such as construction, manufacturing, or retail.

If you’re interested in trying something new, you could consider using a temp agency and bouncing around for a while to find something that fits. Later, you could look for a permanent job in that career.

Pros: These are a great option for finding work in a pinch. You can build your skillset and resume in different and unique job opportunities.

Cons: Temp agencies are, well, temporary. Although, some now offer temp-to-perm options where you might be able to keep the job if it’s a good fit.

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are excellent if you know what type of job you want but aren’t sure where to look.

You’ll give the agency all your information including your resume, skill set, and job history as well as your job expectations. Maybe you want something in the mornings with benefits and a specific wage for instance.

Job agencies will do their best to find the best position that fits your description and set up all the details.

Keep in mind that some job agencies charge employees looking for work – make sure to ask before signing any agreement or handing over your information.

Pros: They take the hassle out of job searches. Since they’re basically a middle man, you won’t need to go for a bunch of interviews at all the wrong jobs.

Cons: It can be hard to get noticed for the job you want. Job agencies deal with lots of workers so you’ll need to make yourself standout somehow.

How to find a Headhunter

A headhunter aka recruiter is the person you’ll work with at the job placement agency. However, not all headhunters work for agencies – some may work for specific companies.

How to find a recruiter: look for job placement agencies in your area and set up a meeting to explain what you’re looking for. You could also find headhunters at local job fairs.

Pros: You can form a direct relationship with the job recruiter, thus increasing your chances for finding the best job.

Cons: Headhunters can be difficult to find unless you put in the legwork.

Search Firms

Search firms usually deal with jobs in specific industries. If you’re in a specialized field like healthcare, law, tech, or construction, a search firm can help you find something in your niche.

These types of job agencies are great for contacting the employers in your field that don’t post jobs publicly.

There are two main types of search firms: contingency employment agencies and retained search firms.

A contingency employment agency makes their money when a company hires one of their candidates.

A retained search firm is paid for their time directly by the company looking for work. This type of firm usually fills very specific and high-level jobs.

Pros: A great option for finding employment opportunities in your field – especially if you have mid-range or high-level skills in a specific industry or general field. These recruiters may also play the role of an employment lawyer in that they can help you negotiate terms of employment and benefits.

Cons: Industry-specific firms may charge you a fee once you’re hired. This can be a problem if you use two recruitment agencies and they both apply you for the same position.

How to Find a Job Placement Agency in Washington State, Idaho, or Oregon

If you’re wondering how to find a recruiter in the Boise, Spokane, Yakima, or Beaverton areas, Atlas Staffing has you covered.

We know you deserve respect.

That’s why we strive to place you in jobs that fit your unique skills and can help advance your career.

At Atlas Staffing, we thrive on open communication and we believe it’s important to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

If you’re looking for employment agencies in any of these states, visit Atlas Staffing today to learn more about the areas we serve and how we can help you find the perfect job.


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