3 Simple Ways to Get Recruiters to Notice You

10 / 24 / 17 | Candidates

If you have been looking for a new job, you know all too well the competition can be fierce. Depending on which industry you are applying for, there could be hundreds of people applying for the same job. Standing out from the rest of the crowd and getting noticed by recruiters is very important. While the economy is doing better, and more jobs have been added, there are millions of people out there looking for work. Today, we are going to learn some simple tips that will help you get those recruiters interested in you.

What Do Recruiters Look for in Job Applicants?

Before we look at some simple ways to get recruiters to notice you, let’s learn what they are looking for. First and foremost, recruiters are looking for someone with a skill set that matches the job. Many jobs require certain skill sets and if you don’t match them, you will probably get overlooked. So, try to apply for jobs you qualify for.

Second, recruiters will be looking at your work history. They will often show preference to those who have a strong work history and those who have stayed in one position for a long time. While in today’s world not many put in 20 years at one company, it’s a good idea not to have many gaps in employment.

Utilize LinkedIn and Get Noticed

One of the most powerful tools that you can use to get noticed is LinkedIn. To get noticed on LInkedIn, make sure you play up your talents. If you are good at something or you have specialized experience, make sure to put that in your profile. Often people fail to put all their many talents in their profile.

Having a sparse profile is also an issue and can turn off recruiters. You should treat your LinkedIn profile as your online resume and add all necessary information to make it appealing to recruiters. You may want to ask for recommendations on your profile from people that you have worked for in the past. This will help gain the attention of recruiters and shows that you’ve already impressed a former boss or coworker.

Find Recruiters, Don’t Wait for Them to Find You

After you’ve gotten your profile in order, you will need to learn how to find recruiters on LinkedIn. A great way to find recruiters is to utilize the search engine located at the top of the screen. Start by using keywords that are related to your line of work. For instance, if you work as a nurse, you would want to put in terms like “RN” or “registered nurse.” Next, you can search using terms related to the recruiter’s title. Put in keywords like “human resource recruiter” or “staffing manager.” By doing so, you can find recruiters that you can link to and this will help you increase your chances of landing a job.

Once you have found a recruiter, don’t forget to link to them; you can even send them a nice message. This will help better your chances of getting noticed. But remember that this is a social platform so don’t overdo the message sending. If you don’t get a reply from the person you message, simply move on to someone else.

Attend Job Fairs in Your Area

Another way that you can gain the attention of recruiters is to meet with them in person. Job fairs are a great way to do so and they are often held in cities around the country. Even some small towns host job fairs. Recruiters with open positions will attend these fairs and be looking for potential hires.

Before you go to a job fair, make sure that you dress to impress but don’t overdo it. You don’t necessarily have to wear a suit and tie, but wear something that is appropriate for the field you will be working in. Make sure that you print out plenty of copies of your resume that you can hand out during the event. You may also want to have some business cards printed out with all your contact information on it.

When attending a job fair, arrive early and be one of the first ones in the door which is always a great way to get noticed by recruiters. Be on your best behavior at the job fair and always have a smile on your face. Make sure that you stop by each of the tables and meet directly with each recruiter. Remember, the more people you talk with, the better your chances of getting noticed.

Job fairs are held because recruiters have a difficult time finding talent, so when attending one, make sure that you showcase your talent and always answer any questions that recruiters may have. While it’s ok to feel nervous at these events, you should try to show your confidence and keep your head up, making eye contact with everyone you meet.

Get Help From a Staffing Agency

Are you struggling to find work in your field? If so, then you may want to seek the professional advice of a staffing agency. Staffing agencies work with companies from the surrounding area and will have many different positions available. So, if you are seeking work, this is a great place to get started. Not only do they have jobs, they also make it easy to directly work with recruiters who will notice you when you walk in the door. While you may have to pay a small fee for using these services, it’s a great way to gain direct access to those who are doing the hiring. Many people have landed their dream jobs by utilizing these services and so can you!

If you are looking for a job, we can help! Here at Atlas Staffing, we work hard to land you that perfect position. We work closely with many recruiters from different industries. So, if you are seeking employment, please contact Atlas Staffing today!


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