Top 7 High Demand Jobs in Washington State

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Looking for a job in today’s market can be a bit of a challenge. Not only is the entire job market constantly evolving, but high demand jobs in Washington State may be vastly different than those high demand jobs in other states. Each state has its own job market strengths and weaknesses, but the one thing which can always be said about the Washington state job market is that it is constantly in flux and constantly growing.

Today’s high-demand jobs are nothing like those of even a decade ago, and as time goes on, the fastest growing jobs in Washington in 2027 may look nothing like they do today. So, what then are the jobs in the state of Washington which are in high demand today? These are seven of the fastest growing occupations, and consequently, the jobs in highest demand.

Take a look at the chart to see how the jobs measure up, and read on to learn more about each of these jobs.

Projected Growth Rate (by 2024) Average Earnings
Web Developer 51.62% $85,550
Chiropractor 46.21% $66,000
Cleaning Professionals for Buildings – Exterior and Interior Specialists 43.75% $31,000
Massage Therapists 41.35% $53,780
EMTs and Ambulance Drivers 41% $34,000
Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Aides 38.89% $28,180
Engineers – Computer Hardware 37.8% $105,000

Engineers – Computer Hardware

7. Engineers – Computer Hardware

Seattle is home to Microsoft, so it should come as no surprise that any computer technology-related occupation would be high on the list of in-demand jobs. It’s not surprising that computer hardware engineers are listed among the fastest growing jobs in Washington.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Washington State Department of Labor, the average annual salary is roughly $105,000 with growth potential over the next decade set at 37.78 percent. In 2024, it is projected that there will be 2,480 new jobs created, giving computer hardware engineers a solid place in the top-demanded jobs in Washington state.

Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Aides

6. Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Aides

Based on current physical therapy jobs in Washington state and the projected Washington job market going forward until at least 2024, the number of physical therapist and physical therapist aide positions is set for rapid growth.

Physical therapy aide positions are set to grow by 1,250 jobs throughout the forecast timeline and the average wage is set at $28,180 annually. While this isn’t one of the highest paying  in-demand jobs in the state, it is definitely one of the occupations which will see the highest potential for new hires within the coming decade, with a growth rate projected at 38.89 percent.

EMTs and Ambulance Drivers

5. EMTs and Ambulance Drivers

With an ever-growing population in Washington, there are bound to be more accidents and illnesses requiring emergency transportation to hospitals and medical facilities. EMTs and ambulance drivers will be in high demand as a result.

The average wage a job seeker can expect is approximately $34,000 and the growth rate is set at 41 percent over the next eight years. It is projected going forward that there will be about 1400 new EMTs and ambulance drivers added to the workforce between now and 2024.

Massage Therapists

4. Massage Therapists

Jobs like massage therapist and physical therapist aide are on the rise partly because of uncertainty in the economy after the most recent crash in 2008. Out of fear of losing their jobs or at-work hours, workers around the nation are taking fewer sick days and seeking alternative treatments for ailments previously seen by medical doctors.

Massage therapists can expect an average annual wage of $53,780 and an occupational growth rate of 41.35 percent over the next decade. By 2014 it is expected that 14,460 massage therapists will be added to the labor force in Washington state.

Cleaning Professionals for Buildings

3. Cleaning Professionals for Buildings – Exterior and Interior Specialists

Building cleaners are especially in demand for exteriors of the growing number of high rises being constructed in Washington state every year. It takes a specialist certified by OSHA to clean the windows of tall multi-story buildings, which means that professionals who have passed the certification tests are in high demand. Not everyone is fit for this kind of work, and those expected to work on high rises will need to complete OSHA training to be qualified to work in potentially dangerous settings.

Building cleaners, on an average, earn $31,000 per year and can expect a growth rate in the industry of 43.75 percent between now and 2024. Approximately 1,600 new building cleaners will be added to the workforce. Even for positions that don’t require specialist certification, most cleaning professional roles require working with chemicals that require OSHA safe handling compliance. For these roles, no experience may be necessary but on-the-job training certainly will be.


2. Chiropractors

As mentioned above, reduced job security means fewer workers are seeking medical leave and many others choose to remain on the job after injuries or suffering illnesses which otherwise would have necessitated a leave of absence. Chiropractors are among the most sought after naturopathic healers and are highly in demand.

Chiropractors, on an average, earn $66,000 a year, and there is an expected increase of 2,120 new chiropractic doctors within the next eight to ten years. This occupation has a projected growth rate of 46.21 percent and a solid foothold in the Washington job market.

Web Developers

1. Web Developers

With the large number of internet and software-related businesses in Washington, it’s no surprise that web developers top the list as the job with highest demand the state. Large tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft attract developers from across the country to relocate to the Washington area to keep up with growing demand for web development skills.

Web developers can expect to see over 8,000 new peers by 2024 and a growth rate of an amazing 51.62 percent. The average wage ($85,550) isn’t the highest on this list, but the high number of roles and its potential for advancement makes it a great option for those who are able to get the training and experience required to land the job.

The above occupations are just those projected to be in highest demand in the state of Washington, but the Evergreen state is constantly moving onward and upwards, especially in technology. If you’re looking for a job, especially east of the mountains, check out our extensive listings in the Spokane, Yakima and Beaverton markets. We also have amazing listings in Boise, so check with our amazing Atlas Staffing recruiters to see which jobs in Washington state are best suited to your qualifications and personal goals.

With a higher than average growth rate expected in the state of Washington, there is a job for you!


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