On-Site Staffing Solutions: How Atlas’s On-Premise Program Does It Better

09 / 21 / 22 | Employers

What is the On-Premise Program?

Atlas Staffing’s On-Premise solution helps navigate the sometimes choppy waters of staffing. This program can simplify your hiring process and improve your retention rates.

Here’s how it works. The On-Premise Coordinator holds steady office hours at your location at no extra cost (if minimum hours are met). They conduct regular health checks with leads, supervisors, and managers to identify issues and help resolve pain points. In addition to taking care of all the hiring and onboarding (and when necessary, terminating) of your contingent staff, an On-Premise Coordinator provides you with customized reports and compliance support.

That’s a short and broad synopsis. But to get a real-life look at how it works, we asked one of our current On-Premise Coordinators to give us the inside scoop.

A Word from One of Our On-Premise Coordinators


In your own words, how would you describe your role as an On-Premise Employee Relations Consultant (ERC)?

I am on-site with our client to support and manage daily tasks from A to Z with our staffing associates. I set up interviews with hiring managers, start onboarding with Atlas, manage workers’ contracts while employed with our client, and even find their ideal permanent placement/career!

What does a typical day look like?

My day starts with a branch team meeting, and then I hit the ground running. I follow up with interviews, schedule orientations, reach out to new potential candidates, help current associates with any of their questions, handle payroll, and brainstorm with our client’s HR team daily on innovative ideas to grow our partnership. Every minute is scheduled!

Why do you think this position is such a benefit for our clients?


What questions do you often answer for staffing associates?

All our staffing associates come from different walks of life, so the questions I get differ. I support them on everything from payroll issues to personal struggles. As stated previously, I believe in an open-door policy, and I treat my staffing associates like family. I let them know that I am there to support them in any way I can within my scope of expertise and knowledge. If I cannot I give them an answer, I find a source that can. I want them to walk out of my office knowing that Atlas has their backs.

What have been some encouraging stories or conversations you’ve had with staffing associates?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people break down crying because they are so happy to just be able to get to work. I remind them they put in the effort and hard work to get the job – we were a tool that helped. These moments are humbling, and I am continually grateful to have this position to help people succeed.

If a client was considering an On-Premises program, why would you tell them it’s worth it?

If you want to avoid miscommunication, or waiting days for answer, get an On-Premise ERC to get same-day results.


Benefits of Atlas Staffing’s On-Premise Program

  • Hire and onboard without human resources or talent acquisition teams
  • Keep headcount low while improving business performance
  • Control cost by bringing in the personnel you need, only when you need them
  • Gain employees for business expansion with the flexibility that supports changing requirements
  • Receive real-time reporting of performance, staffing results, turnover, and expenses
  • Benefit from our team’s expertise in your local labor market
  • Stay compliant with local labor laws

Client Feedback


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Having a dedicated On-Premise Coordinator can help ease the administrative burden that comes with a large contingent workforce. In addition to reducing costly internal salaries, supervisors will have the assurance they are getting the right people for their department, and the temporary staff will be more likely to stay onboard.


Ready to learn more? Find out more details about our On-Premise service today or connect with our team!

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