How to Achieve Recruitment Success in Manufacturing

06 / 29 / 23 | Case Studies

Finding the Perfect Fit: How to Drive Business Growth With Superior Candidates

Struggling to find qualified candidates to fill crucial positions within your organization? PureGuard faced similar challenges during their recent search for skilled employees.

They encountered some hurdles in their recruitment process, with several open positions that needed to be filled promptly. The frustration and possible setbacks caused by the hiring difficulties were impacting PureGuard’s growth and operational efficiency. However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Enter the game-changing team at Atlas Staffing. Read on as we delve into how PureGuard partnered with Atlas to overcome their hiring hurdles—and how you can turn your recruitment challenges into success stories too.

About PureGuard

PureGuard is a coated stainless-steel manufacturer known as an expert in the application of fluoropolymers. In their efforts to solve process corrosion problems, PureGuard II™ (the second generation of the PureGuard product introduced in 2002) has been providing quality products to clients worldwide since 1982.

By supplying the talent needed to sustain their excellent service, PureGuard’s partnership with Atlas has not only filled their backlog of open positions, but also allowed PureGuard to revive the weekend shift they had to dissolve due to lack of workers.

Initial Challenges

When PureGuard chose Atlas Staffing, they had an abundance of open positions that needed to be filled and the urgent need to rebound. Atlas’s reputation for providing excellent support opened the door, but their consistent delivery over several years encouraged PureGuard to rely on their team as their preferred staffing agency.

“I initially reached out to Atlas because our team was looking to hire a significant number of employees,” said Nicole Blaschka, Director of Human Resources at PureGuard’s parent company. “Based on the support I’ve received for the last several years, Atlas is my go-to; I prefer to use Atlas above anyone else.”

Atlas Staffing’s Standout Factors

Atlas dedicated an exceptional amount of time to the recruiting and vetting process to present a caliber of candidates that greatly exceed those of other agencies. Additionally, the unmatched customer service provided by their recruiting team further distinguished them from their competitors, creating a superior experience for PureGuard.

“The time that Atlas spends going through the recruiting and vetting process and the caliber of candidate presented far outweighs other agencies,” said Nicole. “Their customer service and the candidates they send us are absolutely what keeps us working with Atlas.”

Goals and Objectives

When the partnership began, PureGuard’s main goal was to fill their open positions promptly. They also had a specific objective of staffing up for a weekend shift once the open roles were filled. Thankfully, Atlas was fully prepared to help PureGuard scale their team up and down as necessary.

Atlas successfully met—and exceeded—PureGuard’s staffing expectations, surpassing their capacity for hiring additional welders. As a result, a monthly cap on new hires was implemented to manage the steady flow of candidates from Atlas. This proactive approach ensured PureGuard could sustain a steady influx of qualified welders while adequately supporting their existing workforce. The exceptional efforts made by Atlas highlight their commitment to providing agile and strategic staffing solutions.

Benefits and Impacts of Atlas

The Atlas team worked hard to improve communication, successfully place top candidates, and gain a deep understanding of PureGuard’s operational needs.

“The overall communication is always extremely helpful from Atlas, matched with their willingness and passion for helping us fill our vacancies,” noted Nicole. “Their desire to see and understand our operations is always an added bonus. They work hard to guarantee we’re finding the right candidates by using any additional tools we may need to achieve those ends.”

Atlas is honored by their continuous relationship with PureGuard, and they look forward to seeing the partnership flourish in the coming years.

Ready to scale your business with the right hires? Contact the Atlas team today to start your own success story!


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