Manufacturing Case Study: Putting A Business Back on the Map

02 / 22 / 23 | Case Studies

Putting a Manufacturing Business Back on the Map: Our Journey with Allied Systems


How do you handle the scarcity of materials and products? How do you ensure efficient production times? How do you overcome the talent shortage? Manufacturing plants need to resolve these tough questions regularly and get the answer right. The pandemic only elevated some of these requirements, causing plants like Allied Systems to face tough decisions because they could not locate enough workers to meet the demand. But they learned they didn’t have to fight the labor shortage alone.

Based in Sherwood, OR, Allied Systems is a veteran owned firm that takes pride in manufacturing reliable and effective products out of nearly 250,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities. Founded in 1976, they are devoted to perfecting and expanding product lines – they have a healthy obsession with customer success.

That’s something Allied Systems and Atlas Staffing have in common. Our team at Atlas had the privilege of coming alongside them to supply the talent needed to continue their excellent service. The partnership has not only brought workers back to their plants but allowed Allied to revive positions and shifts they had to dissolve because of the pandemic. Here’s the inside scoop on our latest manufacturing case study.

The Beginning Stages

In the height of 2020, the pandemic drastically impacted Allied’s business. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and precautions, family needs, and personal situations, they lost many of their first-rate employees. Allied was forced to reorganize various positions and shut down their swing and graveyard shifts. Even when regulations began to lift, these complications persisted. They were at a crossroads: How could they maintain the output of their products with minimal staff?

“That’s when we decided to connect with Atlas Staffing,” said Monique Walker, Senior Recruiter at Allied Systems. “We were desperate to start building back the staff we lost.”

At first, the partnership was solely concentrated on getting hires in the door, but throughout the last few months, Allied has had more margin to slow down and consider their long-term goals. Our team at Atlas listened to their vision and began searching for the exact skilled individuals to bolster their workforce.

“Atlas has been able to dive deep to find the ‘right’ candidates versus merely filling seats. Since they have been able to find us skilled people, we have been able to reopen the shifts we had to close when the pandemic hit originally.”

Building a Bridge of Partnership

Being a large organization with multiple plants, Allied has worked with other staffing agencies for their many positions, but in recent months, the partnership with Atlas has really blossomed.

“Atlas Staffing has emerged as one of our top vendors,” stated Walker. “The team has been extremely responsive and aggressive in helping us fill our toughest positions. I am impressed with the screening process Atlas has for their candidates. In return, we can get people started quickly.”

Together, Atlas and Allied have not only created a business relationship but maintained and strengthened the collaboration on both sides.

“The communication between recruiters and our staff is extremely quick. They are making sure they have everyone’s best interest at heart. They don’t try to push candidates on us that don’t fit. They absorb our needs and go find what we ask for.”

The Best is Yet to Come

Both parties agree that the partnership has grown because of the relationship, not to mention that everyone has fun working together!

“They do not run from challenges and can adapt to our changing needs quickly all while maintaining our pace. They understand our environment, have fun with our team, and hone in on our skillsets needed, finding both the right culture fit and targeting the proper skillset.”

We asked our friends at Allied System to summarize their thoughts on their overall experience with Atlas Staffing in a sentence or two, and here’s what Walker had to say:

“Atlas Staffing has been vital to our business over these past months. They have been dedicated, diligent, and worked tirelessly to help us in a time of need to keep our customers happy. With their support, our swing shifts are back up and running. Our positions are not easy to fill but instead of turning the other way they have shown they will do what it takes to get the job done.”

The team at Allied Systems is an outstanding partner doing fantastic work in the manufacturing world, and we look forward to seeing how the partnership will grow in the coming years.

If you are ready to scale your business with the right hires, contact our team today to start your own success story!


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