Don’t Hire the Way Your Competitors Do

08 / 25 / 15 | Employers

Long gone are the days of mandatory suit and tie. Coming into the office at a specific time each morning is old school. Millennials are the freest workforce in any period since the 1800s when over 50% of the U.S. population was self-employed.

Autonomy. It’s the defining word that describes what more and more people are expecting from their “9 to 5”.

Here are several ways to keep your workplace culture fun and engaging for the short attention spans of the current generation.

Don’t hire the way your competitors do.

Nothing is more annoying for today’s workforce than the typical hiring process. Cutting and pasting job descriptions from your competitors’ recruitment posts is a sure way to get plenty of unqualified applicants.

Instead, try a unique process that puts prospective candidates right to work solving challenges your business faces today. This can allow your hiring process to double as a crowdsourced solution.

Another option along these lines is to use an agency like Atlas Staffing to provide temp-to-hire staff that can come in and work with no strings attached. After a short period of time, you’ll be able to assess a team member’s ability to perform as well as have a realistic idea of whether or not the new hire fits in with your company culture.

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