Start Your New Job or Give Two Weeks’ Notice?

02 / 25 / 19 | Candidates

Getting a new job offer can be a wonderful feeling. New jobs mean new colleagues, a new setting, and (hopefully) better benefits and pay. However, this situation can quickly turn into a stressful one if your new employer wants to start sooner than two weeks.

When faced with this dilemma, one may ask, “Do you have to give two weeks’ notice?”

In this scenario, you have two options: Try and negotiate a new start date with your new employer or start the job sooner than two weeks. The correct choice will ultimately depend upon your current situation.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of each option:

Negotiate a New Start Date

This is the safer of the two options. New employers are usually pretty understanding about job transitions and are willing to accommodate.

Regardless of the outcome, negotiating a new start date can allow you to give a full two weeks’ notice to your employer, which is extremely beneficial. Giving two weeks’ notice is a common courtesy that allows you to maintain a good relationship with your employer.

There is also a financial gain, as any unused vacation time or sick days are paid out to you when you leave.

The downside? Giving two weeks does mean that you would have to remain in your current situation for the two weeks, which could be troubling depending on your situation.

Starting Immediately

This option is rather risky. Not only is there a good chance of burning bridges, but you could also make life worse for yourself in the future. Quitting without notice typically doesn’t say good things about your professionalism, and word can travel very fast.

Regardless of your reasons, you may miss out on any vacation or sick day payouts when you quit. Regardless of your reasons, you may miss out on any vacation or sick day payouts when you quit, depending on your company’s HR policies. HR departments typically aren’t very forgiving of those who quit without notice and may make a note on your permanent file that you are ineligible for rehire.

On the other hand, starting your new job immediately can get you out of a dire situation. If your boss makes life miserable for anyone who gives notice, it may not be worth it to rough it out for two whole weeks.


When in doubt, try to always negotiate a compromise with your employers so you can give two weeks notice. Unless you are in a dire employment situation, quitting without notice isn’t worth it.

Start a New Career

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