Top 9 Entry-Level Jobs in Boise, Idaho

03 / 06 / 19 | Candidates

Whether you’re on the hunt for a temporary job or you’re looking to start building your career, this article will give you the top 9 Boise jobs that are in high demand. For help landing the perfect job for your interests and skills, apply to be an Atlas Staffing Candidate and we’ll connect you with Boise jobs hiring now.

1. Material Handlers

The primary role of a material handler is to manage the production and distribution of a given product. Material handlers are often responsible for maintaining inventory, locating and verifying supplies, managing orders, documenting returns, and so much more. This is a diverse position with a variety of different responsibilities.

2. Warehouse Associates

The job description of a warehouse associate encompasses a wide variety of different tasks, from unloading trucks to performing quality assessments. Entry-level positions typically require a high school diploma, organizational skills, and the physical ability to lift and move heavy items. Working as a seasonal warehouse associate is a great entry-level position that can open doors to greater opportunities in several different fields.

3. Electrical/Mechanical Assembler

Assembly workers function as part of a production line to efficiently mass produce a product or components of a product. Entry-level positions, such as electrical assembly workers, require focus and a general ability to follow instructions. More advanced positions, such as mechanical assemblers, require the use of tools and various forms of equipment to fabricate product components.

4. Tractor Operator

If there’s one thing Idaho will always need, it’s helping hands on the farm and in construction. A tractor operator is a popular Boise job that entails handling heavy machinery and inspecting equipment.

5. Manufacturing

A career in manufacturing is fairly easy to begin and can provide you with a wealth of different options as far as advancement is concerned. Entry-level manufacturing jobs usually require no more than a high school diploma and often provide on-the-job training.

6. Welding

Becoming a welder is a lucrative career choice, but this job isn’t for everyone. Welders work with advanced machinery, equipment, and tools to fabricate metal structures. Rigorous and tiring conditions aren’t uncommon in this industry, but if you can make the cut, the payout is worth it. Pipe welders and trainees are popular entry-level jobs in Boise that can give you the training and experience required to progress and succeed in this field.

7. Soldering Technicians

Soldering technicians (also commonly referred to as welding technicians) are responsible for fusing metal parts together using high temperatures and complicated tools and machinery. Soldering positions are popular, year-round jobs in Boise. Entry-level positions are frequently granted with a high school diploma or GED qualifications and provide supervised training periods.

8. Support Roles

What goes on behind the scenes is just as important as the work performed on the front lines. If you’re looking for entry-level jobs in Boise, you’ll find a great deal of support roles that range from bookkeepers to front office representatives. Support roles are particularly helpful entry-level positions in any industry because you get to learn the ins and outs of the field with hands-on experience.

9. Machine Operators

Machine operators work with heavy machinery or computer-controlled equipment. The tasks and responsibilities of a machine operator varies from position to position, but their primary role is to develop, test, and/or repair different types of machinery.

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