Learn How to Negotiate a Job Offer Like A Pro with These 3 Tips

03 / 20 / 19 | Candidates

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, you’ve likely had questions about how to negotiate a job offer. Truthfully, negotiating a job offer can get awkward fast. Money is already a taboo subject in our country, and when you’re trying to make a good impression, it can be hard to know what to say. Then there’s also the balance of finding a job you love versus one that pays well. Though it’s great to find a job you’re not doing solely for the money, you certainly need to be paid fairly.

We’ve compiled 3 job offer negotiation strategies and etiquette tips that will help make negotiating a job offer much easier. Keep reading so that when the time comes to talk salary with a potential employer, you’ll feel much more comfortable – and prepared:

1. Consider the Whole Package

In today’s world, a job offer is about more than the salary. Many companies are creating value in the form of benefits, bonuses, and other perks to stand out in a competitive job market. So, if you’re not satisfied with the baseline salary, make sure you consider added benefits before you throw out a counter-offer.

2. Do Your Research

Negotiating an offer is perfectly acceptable if you’re looking for higher pay, but it’s best to do some serious research beforehand. Compare salaries in your industry to find out what a realistic pay should be. If you’re asking for a salary well beyond the average pay, consider the reasons why you deserve more, and be prepared to explain them to the hiring manager.

3. Make a Counter Offer Letter

Job negotiations should be as professional as possible if you want them to work out in your favor. Write up a thorough, carefully edited counter offer letter to make the best impression. The letter should list the reasons why you’re worth higher pay, rather than just explaining why you need more money.

Find the Perfect Job Today

By following these tips, you’ll be prepared to land a great job with a pay that works for your needs. If you’re applying for jobs near Spokane, Yakima, or Boise, Atlas Staffing can help. Apply for the perfect job and get what you’re worth today!


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