Why is Company Culture Important?

07 / 02 / 19 | Employers

Company culture is a hot topic for business owners and leaders, and for good reason. According to Deloitte, “88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.”

If company culture is so important to employees, how can a positive culture be implemented by your business? How does it impact employee performance as well as company-wide goals? And what does it mean to have a “distinct workplace culture?”

Put simply, company culture is a set of core beliefs and values that are leader-led and embedded in the everyday life of an organization. These beliefs are most successful when they are intangible, such as good communication, employee recognition, and access to management. It is essential that company culture comes directly from employers and permeates through all areas of a business’s organization.

Let’s look closer at this important topic.

Why Is Building Company Culture Important?

As stated above, 88% of employees believe company culture is important, so now the question is why. Why do employees appreciate embedded core values in their workplace?

The answer is because companies that have strong, positive cultures give better opportunities for employees to feel and perform their best. Trust and collaboration between team members, as well as with management and upper management, tend to build:

  • A strong workforce through talent recruitment
  • Loyalty through job satisfaction and employee retainment
  • Higher rates of productivity through motivation and dedication
  • Positive morale through reduced stress

How Can I Build a Better Company Culture?

Now that you know how important it is to have a good, strong company culture, how can you help build it? Really, there are no simple one-word answers here. It takes time and patience and must be leader-led before it can trickle down to every employee. If employees can’t clearly explain their company’s culture to friends and family, then there’s work to do.

Start from step one and work through step 5 in order to help build a solid company culture:

  1. Answer these three core questions: (1) Why does our company exist? (2) What is our passion? (3) What do we want to achieve?
  2. Take a look at your current culture and specify what needs to change.
  3. Hire the right people to fill in the gaps in talent, skills, attitudes, and personalities.
  4. Find ways to measure a successful shift in culture.
  5. Constantly reinforce your core values.

If you are in leadership positions, you must speak often about your company’s culture, regularly communicating your company’s core values and beliefs. Always, you must act in accordance with them.

Building Company Culture Through Better Hiring Processes

Building a positive company culture that employees will love to be a part of begins with the hiring process. When core values are clearly communicated right from the start—in a job posting and during the interview process—employers can find candidates who are more open to help building your culture and who are aligned with your business ideals.

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