Defining the Onboarding Process & Your Onboarding Checklist For Employers

10 / 22 / 19 | Employers

No matter if you are a call center, an administrative office, a warehouse, or an industrial company, hiring staff can be quite an investment. Between filling out paperwork, instructing on company culture, and training on specific duties, the time and money spent can add up. However, by following Atlas Staffing’s onboarding checklist, you can make sure it’s money well spent and that you maximize your investment into hiring staff.

Every employer knows the importance of onboarding, and the sooner you can get new hires up to speed, the better. A well-defined onboarding process and onboarding checklist can help you get more value out of your new employees, faster. And not only can you find success onboarding new employees with this checklist, but you can also duplicate the process well into the future.

Defining the Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is defined as orienting new hires and acclimating them to their new job and workplace by quickly helping them to assimilate into the company culture, become comfortable with their new teammates, and learn assigned tasks and duties.

However, a successful onboarding process goes beyond a quick introduction and training session. Instead, the objective is to create an environment that increases both productivity and retention.

For greatest success, an organization’s onboarding best practices should include the following four critical components:

  1. Compliance (rules and regulations)
  2. Clarification (responsibilities and expected results)
  3. Culture (the company’s values, mission, overall personality)
  4. Connection (building relationships with staff, supervisors, mentors, etc.)

A Useful Onboarding Checklist for Employers

To help you remember everything you should cover in your onboarding process, follow this helpful onboarding checklist:

  • Give a thorough view into the company and the employee’s specific department.
  • Offer an overview of the company’s mission and values.
  • Introduce the company’s key players and their roles.
  • Explain policies and procedures.
  • Share compensation plans and benefit options.
  • Gather important administrative items such as official forms and unofficial information.
  • Match the new employee with a mentor.
  • Encourage open dialogue.
  • Check back often.

Professional, Permanent, and Temporary Staffing Solutions

If your organization has a hard time retaining good employees, Atlas Staffing specializes in on-premise staffing solutions, helping to manage your onboarding process for long-term employee retention or even short-term seasonal employee success. When you invest in your employees, you invest in your business. Atlas Staffing not only helps you find the right employees, but we also guide them through an effective onboarding process that makes your new hire investment worthwhile.

If you want help finding the right person for the job and a powerful onboarding solution to set them up for success, contact Atlas Staffing today!


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