Why is Company Culture Important?

07 / 02 / 19 | Employers


Company culture is a hot topic for business owners and leaders, and for good reason. According to Deloitte, “88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.” If company culture is so important to employees, how can a positive culture be implemented by your business? How does it impact employee performance […]


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The Importance of Social Media + LinkedIn Profile Tips

06 / 25 / 19 | Candidates


What are the benefits of having a LinkedIn profile? Does social media really make a difference when looking for a job? In today’s job market, the importance of social media cannot be overemphasized. For job seekers of all experience levels, keeping your social media profiles up-to-date, relevant, and professional is key to landing a great […]


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Should You Follow up After a Job Interview? If So, How?

06 / 14 / 19 | Candidates


You did it! You made it through the interview phase of your job search. Now it’s time to just sit back and wait for the phone to ring so you can accept your new position, right? Wrong! Even if you feel you aced it, should you follow up after a job interview? Yes! Recruiters advise […]


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Top 9 Entry-Level Jobs in Boise, Idaho

03 / 06 / 19 | Candidates


Whether you’re on the hunt for a temporary job or you’re looking to start building your career, this article will give you the top 9 Boise jobs that are in high demand. For help landing the perfect job for your interests and skills, apply to be an Atlas Staffing Candidate and we’ll connect you with […]


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Start Your New Job or Give Two Weeks’ Notice?

02 / 25 / 19 | Candidates


Getting a new job offer can be a wonderful feeling. New jobs mean new colleagues, a new setting, and (hopefully) better benefits and pay. However, this situation can quickly turn into a stressful one if your new employer wants to start sooner than two weeks. When faced with this dilemma, one may ask, “Do you […]


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How to Rock a Job Interview While Sick

01 / 22 / 19 | Candidates


It’s a scenario that all job hunters fear: after all your searching and not hearing back, you land an interview for a job that excites you. But as the big meeting approaches, you get sick! It seems like the worst timing possible. The question is, what do you do? Do you call in sick or […]


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Leadership Skills Managers Need and How to Develop Them

10 / 22 / 18 | Candidates, Productivity


As a manager, you have a lot of responsibilities. You have deadlines, quotas and probably a lot of paperwork. However, one of your most important responsibilities isn’t found on a spreadsheet. It’s to be a responsible, inspirational leader for your employees. Your leadership skills as a manager are one of the important factors – if […]


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